Jerikash Hydroengine For Powering Clean Powerstations



This invention provides a pump which is also an engine, powered by water, to pump liquids containing suspended particles. The system comprises a set of pipes driven in a reciprocating movement by a crankshaft attached to a shaft driven by a speed gear which also is driven by a hydro turbine powered by a hydrant pipe, which gashes water against a hydro-turbine. Many known pumps are driven by fuel engines, some by electricity, or manually driven. The world relies mainly on fuel engines and electricity. Main problems found on fuel engines are fuel price hiking, emissions of dangerous gases in the air like carbon monoxide from petrol engines, carbon dioxide from diesel engines. When electricity is used, high percentage of polluting the air is expected from coal power stations, high bills of money are charged e.g to those operating irrigations, also power shading is to be expected any time. All these problems are found to people running their pumps with fuel engines and electricity. We also have many pumps which are manually operated, which demands one to be fit to operate it. Some need more than one person to operate , thus leaving other jobs unattended to, and its already a problem. But this hydro-engine and pump is fuel and electricity free to run, because of its system which is driven by water. Therefore it solves all the above problems found in the pumps driven by fuel , electricity and manual engines, thus solving the world’s problem. One object of this invention is to provide a pump run by a water-powered engine which is able to pump liquids containing suspended particles and is able to maintain such particles in suspension. The second object is to provide a water -powered engine which can drive pumps and electricity generators. This invention of a hydro - engine differs very much with all other known engines and pumps in that, it does not use fuel or electricity to run, it uses water (H20). We have an example of engines that use diesel or petrol e.g Lister Engines to run grinding mills and pumps like Mono pump, National pumps. Also Chinese Engines like Changfu to run Mono pumps, Grinding mills and even cooking oil and peanut butter machines. All these pumps are to be run by electricity or diesel and petrol, but this invention uses water (H20) to do the same type of work, as well as generating electricity. The second most interesting difference of this invention from others is that it is an extra ordinary pumping system, which is an engine system as well, this then makes it a unique system.


Board of directors
Jeremia Sundire
Chief Executive Officer
Engineer Sundire is the founder of Jerikash Global Limited and inventor of the Hydro engine and pump powered by water. He has a passion for providing Green Energy solutions and is currently working on an AIR powered engine which will be the world’s first.
Alphonse Madamombe
Managing Director
Alphonse has worked in various Commercial roles for corporations in the United Kingdom. He has received several awards for delivering double digit profit growth (£millions) for the corporations.
Tafadzwa Mugarisi
Executive Director
Tafadzwa has held various positions in Retail Banking, Finance and Insurance over a period spanning for more than thirteen years.
Maxwell Chambari
Executive Director
Maxwell has a vast experience working with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Zimbabwe. He founded and built several successful NGOs which have been operating for over a decade to date.

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